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As COVID-19 spread around the world, closing educational institutions we created 30 Minute Talks which is an online webinar series that focuses on current topics benefiting students, faculty and practitioners.

Our Weekly Webinars Have Ended

We have ended our weekly webinars - visit our videos for past webinars!

Dr. Andy Nazarechuk, Professor Perry Hobson, and Mr. Alan Williams proudly produced 36 weekly webinars in 2020 for the benefit of hospitality and tourism students.   Over 5,800 students, faculty, and industry professionals have attended these sessions.  Explore our videos to see past webinars with a variety of interesting topics.

15 April 2020

Program 1

Topics: Hotel Operating Standards - Updating Teaching Methods - New Career Paths

15 April 2020

22 April 2020

Program 2

Topic: Delivering the Customer Experience in a Post COVID World

29 April 2020

Program 3

Topics: Technology in a Hotel Room - How Will Restaurants Survive with Social Distancing? - How Do we re-start travel Again?

29 April 2020

06 May 2020

Program 4

Topics: SMART Tourism - Restaurant Service Procedures - Room Amenities, Post COVID19

13 May 2020

Program 5

Topic: Do cruise lines have a future in a Post-COVID19 World?

Guest Speaker: Professor Ross Dowling

13 May 2020

20 May 2020

Program 6

Topics: 5 Top Tech Trends in Hospitality - Contact Tracing - Really Knowing Your Customer.

27 May 2020

Program 7

Special Question and Answer session - Used Meetings for this program

27 May 2020

03 June 2020

Program 8

Topic: Destination Macau: From Tourism Lockdown to Tourism Recovery

Guest Speaker: Dr. Glenn MaCartney

10 June 2020

Program 9

Topic: What is Happening Now that the World is Starting to Re-open?

10 June 2020

17 June 2020

Program 10

Topic: Las Vegas History & and Current Situation

Speaker: Dr. Andy Nazarechuk

24 June 2020

Program 11

Topic: Secrets for Success in Your Online Courses

Speaker: Mr. Alan Williams

24 June 2020

01 Jul 2020

Program 12

Topic: In Tourism Will the Next Normal Be the Old Normal?

Speaker: Dr. Bert van Walbeek

08 Jul 2020

Program 13

Topic: Accreditation What Does It Mean and Why Is It So Important?

08 Jul 2020

15 Jul 2020

Program 14

Topic: Coffee and Tea Tourism - :  “Coffee & Tea Tourism” 

22 Jul 2020

Program 15

30 Minute Talks: International Hospitality and Tourism

Guest Speaker: Dr. Jerry Agrusa, Shidler College of Business, University of Hawaii

22 Jul 2020

29 Jul 2020

Program 16

30 Minute Talks: International Hospitality and Tourism - Tourism and The Complexity of Choice

Guest Speaker: Dr. Andy Nazarechuk

05 Aug 2020

Program 17

30 Minute Talks: International Hospitality and Tourism - “Getting Back to Business:  Restaurants & Bars”

Guest Speaker: Mr. Alan Williams

05 Aug 2020

12 Aug 2020

Program 18

30 Minute Talks: “The Future of Work - Are You Ready?”

Guest Speaker: Dr. Andy Nazarechuk

19 Aug 2020

Program 19

30 Minute Talks: "Tracking the Return of the MICE Industry"

Guest Speaker: Mr. Rod Kamleshwaran

19 Aug 2020

26 Aug 2020

Program 20

Topic: "Upgrading the Way You Work In a Digital World - Apps”

Dr. Andy Nazarechuk and Mr. Alan Williams will share their advice on the types of apps you should start using to succeed. Now is the time to create new habits and digital skills that will position you for success.

02 Sept 2020

Program 21

Topic: Shining Stars of the Future - Are You One of Them?

Guest Host: Ms Marla Christina Aquino, Chair, Tourism Industry Board Foundation Inc.

Panelists: Joji Ilagan Bian, Founder,Joji Ilagan Career Center, Davao; Vanessa Ledesma-Suatengco, General Manager, Diamond Hotel, Philippines; Monette Iturralde-Hamlin, President and Founder, TeamAsia, Philippines; Esther Ng, Business Development Manager, GainingEdge, Singapore

02 Sept 2020

09 Sept 2020

Program 22

Topic: Bahamas Tourism Responses to Stay Resilient Post COVID-19

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Vikneswaran Nair, University of the Bahamas

16 Sept 2020

Program 23

Topic: Golf Tourism

Speaker: Bruce Horn, Southern Cross University, Australia

16 Sept 2020

23 Sept 2020

Program 24

Topic: Everest

Speaker: Samir Thapa, Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management, Nepal

30 Sept 2020

Program 25

Topic: 30 Minute Panel - ReOpening Our Industry Program

Speakers: Alan Williams, Perry Hobson, and Andy Nazarechuk

30 Sept 2020

07 October 2020

Program 26

Topic: Incredible India

Speaker: Parikshat Singh Manhas, University of Jammu, India

14 October 2020

Program 27

Topic: "The Link Between Cultural Behaviors and COVID-19”

Speaker: Dr. Andy Nazarechuk

14 October 2020

21 Oct 2020

Program 28

Topic: YOU IN A DIGITAL WORKSPACE - Incubating a Sustainable Workforce

Speaker: JC Wong, Program & Content Director - Talent Basket

28 Oct 2020

Program 29

Topic:  Image and Reputation Management During Times of Crises

Speaker: Associate Professor Gabby Walters, University of Queensland, Australia

28 Oct 2020

04 Nov 2020

Program 30

Topic: Gastronomic Destination: Challenges and Future

Speaker: Frederic Bouchon, PhD, Institut Paul Bocuse, France

11 Nov 2020

Program 31

Topic: "Reimagining Tourism for 2021 and Beyond"

Speaker:  Sarah Gardiner, PhD Marketing Deputy Director of the Griffith Institute for Tourism

11 Nov 2020

18 Nov 2020

Program 32

Title:  Hosco.com - Helping You Prepare for the Recovery with Up-skilling, Connections, Jobs and Online Learning

John Lohr, Director of Development School Relations, Hosco


Program 33

Topic: The History of Human Jobs in 30-Minutes!

Speaker: Al Atabi Mushtak Provost and CEO of Heriot-Watt University, Malaysia



Program 34

Topic: "Asian Tourism and COVID19" 

This session is being held in conjunction with the School of Tourism Studies, Mahatma Gandhi University, Priyadarsini Hills Kottayam Kerala - India

Speaker:  Professor Perry Hobson, Dr. Andy Nazarechuk, and Mr. Alan Williams will present on current issues facing Malaysia, the Philippines, and Australia due to the pandemic. 


Program 35

Topic: What Are Rankings and Do They Matter?

Speaker: Prof. Perry Hobson and Prof. Sam Huang



Program 36

Topic: 30 Minute Talks - Last Weekly Program!  Hightlights from this past year and recommendations and advice for 2021!

Speakers: Dr. Andy Nazarechuk, Professor Perry Hobson, and Mr. Alan Williams